Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chicago Radio Ratings

From this morning's Tom Taylor NOW column...

Chicago gives iHeart’s urban AC “V103” WVAZ its second win (5.8-6.0-5.6). It’s tied for the lead in middays and wins nights and weekends. Second overall is CBS Radio’s news WBBM/WCFS (6.5-5.4-5.4). It’s strong in all three daytime dayparts - #1 mornings, tied for first in middays, first place in PM drive. Third for the week (as usual) is Hubbard’s hot AC “Mix” WTMX (5.3-4.9-4.8, and second mornings with Eric & Kathy). Fourth place is co-held by Tribune’s talk WGN (4.0-4.2-4.2) and iHeart’s top 40 “Kiss 103.5” WKSC (3.7-3.9-4.2). WGN’s Steve Cochran is third in mornings, while Kiss is second in afternoons and tied for second on Saturday/Sunday. iHeart’s hot AC WLIT is over that 13.7 all-Christmas Holiday book, but holding on (3.5-3.6-3.7). WLIT’s third middays. Hubbard’s AC WSHE edges up (2.8-3.1-3.2, with Brooke & Jubal now twelfth). Total-week, WSHE’s tied with CBS Radio’s rhythmic “B96” WBBM-FM (3.5-3.5-3.2) in eighth place. The country race is between CBS Radio’s “US 99” WUSN (2.2-2.7-2.6) and iHeart’s “Big” WEBG with a third monthly 2.2 share. This time the clear cume leader is top 40 Kiss (2,125,700).