Tuesday, April 11, 2017

O'Reilly's Ratings

This is the truth about America's underbelly. We like watching train crashes. Take this headline as an example: As Advertisers Flee, O’Reilly Sees Double Digit Ratings Growth.

Fox News and O'Reilly won't admit this, and maybe they don't care, but part of that ratings growth is curiosity from people who never watch Fox News. Will he talk about the investigation of sexual harrassment? Will he talk about his advertisers leaving? Who is actually still advertising on his show? Has he lost any of that cocky smirky swagger? Is he bringing on people to defend him? Is he going to cry on the air? Is he going to say "I never had sexual relations with that woman"? Will he have a meltdown/freakout like the famous "We're going live!" moment from years ago?