Tuesday, May 02, 2017

How is Seacrest Going to Do it?

How is it even possible to host both a morning television show in New York, and a morning radio show in LA? The answer appears to be: do a really half-assed job with the radio show. From Tom Taylor's NOW column today...

Ryan Seacrest takes another day-job – and Bob Pittman doesn’t mind. iHeart leader Pittman says “Very few people have both the appeal and the work ethic to accomplish this” – to front both a morning radio show and co-host ABC-TV’s “Live” mid-morning show alongside Kelly Ripa. Seacrest will shift most of his life from L.A. to New York and if you’re wondering “What about his morning show on iHeart’s top 40 KIIS/102.7 in Los Angeles?” – the answer is that he’ll appear on the first KIIS hour via recorded drop-ins. (Predecessor Rick Dees used to do that, though his was a more bit-driven show, less topical when it comes to celebrities.) KIIS morning co-host Sisanie will keep that 6am hour moving. Then Ryan appears live for the 7am L.A.-time hour – though you wonder what happens when “Live” needs to tape a special guest or segment and there’s a conflict. Seacrest will create his end of the KIIS show from a new radio studio inside the ABC building at 67th Street. One NOW reader says “This makes at least the third New York studio that Seacrest could work out of, counting the immaculate and unused one at the iHeart cluster downtown, and the Rockefeller Center studio he’s used when he visits New York.”