Thursday, July 06, 2017

If Fox News Isn't Compliant Enough

Fox News is basically a Pravda-style promotional machine for the Republican party these days, but they do still have a few actual journalists on staff like Brett Baier, Chris Wallace, and Shep Smith.

If the occasional truth makes Fox News a little too critical for you, guess what, you're in luck!

You can now watch One America News, which is even friendlier to the president.

One America’s owner, Robert Herring Sr., a millionaire who made his money printing circuit boards, has directed his channel to push Trump’s candidacy, scuttle stories about police shootings, encourage antiabortion stories, minimize coverage of Russian aggression, and steer away from the new president’s troubles, according to more than a dozen current and former producers, writers and anchors, as well as internal emails from Herring and his top news executives.

And they call liberals "snowflakes".