Monday, July 31, 2017

John Gehron

The former boss of WLS and many other stations and broadcast companies was honored this weekend at the Conclave in Minneapolis. He was given the Rockwell Award, their highest award--given to people who make an impact and inspire people in the broadcasting business.

Congrats to John. Very deserving. One of radio's all-time great programmers.

All Access was there and reported on the award ceremony...

GEHRON's award was preceded by a video of well-wishes from several industry notables and a series of stories about his career read by HUBBARD's GREG STRASSELL. GEHRON told stories as well, including explaining how he came to decide to listen to, and respond to, every tape sent his way at WLS-A/CHICAGO, convention experiences, and leadership by listening to others. The talk included memories of great promotions ("The Last Contest"), the power of imagination, learning to focus on "treasures" from managing STEVE DAHL and GARRY MEIER ("they were bigger than the music") and JOHN RECORDS LANDECKER (the "You Light Up My Life" story). And he expressed concern that radio is not properly reacting to the move of music from FM to streaming services, advising that streaming is about personalization but radio can compete and win with the "complete package of entertainment," including talent and locally-researched music.