Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Country Star Harrassed by DJs

This whole harrassment issue has turned out to be a huge story, and it seems like there is no end to further examples. This morning the country music singer Katie Armiger had her say. Radio Ink has the details...

Armiger says she was at a radio station in Texas taking a photo with one of the DJs after a performance. She says, “He grabbed my butt during the photo. And at the same time he was whispering in my ear, ‘When are you going to be legal?'” After complaining about the incident, Armiger says she was told to get over it, that’s how the business worked (Armiger is now 26).

According to the lawsuit with Cold River Records, Armiger said she was asked to “purchase ‘hot, game-changing’ clothes,” and “hug, kiss and flirt” with radio programmers. Armiger said she was told she needed to make the programmers “wish you would take them home with you.”

In a second example, Armiger says during a lunch meeting a PD asked everyone to share their “top five list of women they would want to sleep with.” After sharing his first choice, Armiger says the PD turned to her and said, ‘But you would absolutely be my No. 2.'”

Armiger also says a DJ was interviewing her about her album at the 2010 ACM Awards when he became inappropriate. “As we were doing the interview, he is trying to feel me up under the table — this is on air — trying to ask me whether or not my album title was true because surely I couldn’t be a nice girl. I had to be a naughty girl.”

Armiger told Fox News she is not naming names out of fear of retribution, and she’s telling her story now hoping changes will be made in the country music world.