Monday, October 23, 2017

Yet Another Hollywood Creep

After the news about Harvey Weinstein hit, there were rumblings that other famous Hollywood types engaged in similar behavior and it was just a matter of time before that news became public.

The LA Times is on it.

The first shoe to drop belongs to director James Toback. 38 women came forward to accuse him, and they all tell a remarkably similar (creepy) story. The names of the victims aren't as famous as Weinstein's, but that shouldn't make a difference. This is some pretty reprehensible (and probably criminal) behavior.

Since the article came out, the number of women who reported similar behavior from Toback has doubled.

Every harasser in Hollywood (and elsewhere) is shaking in his boots today, worried that the gig is up. To which I say...Good!

(And every time a new story comes out, someone will mention that we elected a serial harasser as president)