Friday, October 06, 2017

Everyone is picking the Nationals

It's weird to be the underdog when you have the best record in baseball in the second half of the season, and you're the defending champions, but that's how it is. All the experts are picking the Nationals.

Here's an example from former big league GM Jim Bowden:
“Even though the Cubs are basically the same team we saw last year – with (Wade) Davis replacing (Aroldis) Chapman and (Jon) Jay replacing (Dexter) Fowler – the fact of the matter is the starting pitching isn’t what it was a year ago,” Bowden said. “We don’t know about (Jake) Arrieta’s hamstring. We’re waiting to see on that. (Kyle) Hendricks certainly has pitched well lately. (Jon) Lester had a good start Saturday, which was a good sign. But the pitching is just not what it was before. So I like the Nationals in this series. I won’t be surprised if it goes to four or five games. I don’t think it’ll be a quick, easy sweep, but this year, the Nationals are the better team."

In theory I agree with a lot of that. The Nationals do have a better pitching staff, and I will panic every time Daniel Murphy comes up, but the National also have one thing that gives me hope. I'll give you a hint. He'll have a toothpick in his mouth.