Thursday, December 14, 2017

FCC Guts Net Neutrality

From Inside Radio...

FCC Votes 3-2 To Dismantle Net Neutrality Rules. By a 3-2 party line vote, the FCC today passed the Restoring Internet Freedom order which repeals the net neutrality rules enacted under previous FCC chair Tom Wheeler in 2015. Passage of the new rules, which end utility-style regulation of the internet in favor of a “light touch” approach, was widely expected. Chairman Ajit Pai and his fellow majority Republican commissioners had already pledged to vote in favor of the order. The vote was delayed by a 15-minute evacuation of the FCC meeting room by an unspecified “security incident” that occurred during Pai’s prepared remarks.

Look for the telecoms to lay low for a while before making major moves, but those moves are assuredly coming. I guarantee it. It's preposterous to argue otherwise (which is their current argument). If so, why was this necessary?