Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Twitter Blocks Violence & Hate Speech

Twitter is finally cracking down on violence and hate speech. From AdWeek...

“Content that glorifies violence or the perpetrators of a violent act,” according to the blog post. “This includes celebrating any violent act in a manner that may inspire others to replicate it or any violence where people were targeted because of their membership in a protected group. We will require offending Tweets to be removed and repeated violations will result in permanent suspension.”

Along with cracking down on violence both on and off the platform, Twitter says the rules will apply to anyone who intimidates a user or group in an effort to silence their viewpoints or voice. That now includes anyone that uses their profile’s user name, display name or profile bio. Hateful imagery will also now be banned as sensitive material.

The president just lost about a dozen twitter uses he has retweeted over the years.