Monday, September 24, 2012

Jay Beau Jones

I once interviewed for a job with Jay Beau Jones. At the time he was the program director of our competitor Jammin' Oldies. He wanted me to produce the show for Doug James, his morning host at the time. James had some help on the air every week from radio legend Larry Lujack. (I said no to the job and stayed with John Landecker's show). Apparently that experience working with Larry Lujack inspired Jay Beau Jones. He has written a book, according to this morning's RAMP Newsletter...

"Veteran programmer Jay Beau Jones has gathered a bunch of heartfelt, real-life stories and assembled them into an inspiring new book, Heroes, Mentors, and Friends: Learning From Our Spiritual Guides. Jones, who wrote the book under his real name, John Dowd, Jr., describes Heroes, Mentors, and Friends as "a collection of stories from positive people reminding us why we got into the business we love called radio. It also takes a look at the journey of who we are on the inside, helping us enrich our lives on the outside...I really enjoyed sharing three particular stories about three great heroes of mine: Rick Dees, Larry Lujack and a New England TV hero, Rex Trailer," he said. "Every time I read Heroes, Mentors, and Friends the spark that is alive in me re-ignites and helps me remember why I got into our great business." Heroes, Mentors, and Friends is available now through Balboa Press and can be purchased on"