Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cumulus Lineup

Cumulus is the second biggest radio company in America these days, behind only Clear Channel, and they have been quietly accumulating a ton of right wing talk radio talent. They recently signed Michael Savage, just re-upped Don Imus, and now comes this rumor from Tom Taylor's NOW column...

"Laura Ingraham should announce her new syndication deal today. Will it be with Cumulus? That was the hallway talk at last week’s Arbitron Client Conference in Annapolis. Ingraham is the second high-profile talk personality to split from Talk Radio Network. The first one was Michael Savage, and he landed at Cumulus. Ingraham (just two syllables, please) joined TRN from Westwood in 2003 and was rewarded with a daytime slot instead of her previous nighttime gig. That helped free her up for other work, such as appearances on Fox News. When she left TRN, she said it was time to “expand and re-tool my radio program” – perhaps broadening it past politics to more topics around popular culture."