Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Big Changes at WGN

Wow. The new lineup at WGN debuts on September 3rd, and according to this article in the Chicago Tribune, the new lineup will be much different than the current one.

Check this out...

Mornings--Steve Cochran
9-noon--Bill Leff (with a new unnamed co-host)
Noon-3--Bob Sirott & Marianne Murciano
3-7pm--Garry Meier (with a new unnamed co-host)

Also, Kathy & Judy are coming back to WGN on Saturdays.

A couple of observations about that lineup. In my opinion, that midday lineup is very strong. Bill Leff does a good show, and especially with a co-host. Is it going to be Wendy Snyder? That would be a nice reunion. Steve Cochran never really wanted to leave WGN. He is now doing the time slot they should have given him when Spike O'Dell left.

Also, you'll notice someone missing from that lineup--morning man Jonathon Brandmeier. According to the article, however, he is not being fired, just moved to the internet temporarily as WGN searches for a FM station to purchase. Johnny B will be the morning man on that station, which I think is a better place for him. He is made to rock the FM dial...without the constant stopping and starting that the WGN format demands.