Friday, November 22, 2013

Best Wishes To Eric Ferguson

The star of the Eric and Kathy show is undergoing spinal surgery today. Robert Feder has the details.

Obviously, everyone is wishing him well, including me. I've gotten to know Eric a little over the years, and get along with him very well. He's had a rough go of it health-wise over the past year or two, so I hope this surgery is as minor as he thinks it will be.

The morning schedule does have a way of taking a toll on your health. You can't really understand how damaging it can be (especially if you work as hard as you need to work to be successful in that timeslot) until you live it for a while. He's been living it now for twenty years, which is really tough. I was on three different regular medications after only ten years. (Not kidding)

He says he'll be ready to go after Thanksgiving.

(If you missed the piece I did about the Eric & Kathy show a few months ago in the Illinois Entertainer, you can read it here.)