Wednesday, July 16, 2014

They're Flying Off the Shelves!

Boxes of Books

We just picked up boxes and boxes of new books because you've been ordering so many copies. "Best Seat in the House" is flying off the shelves. We completely sold out of our first run, and we're loading up for more. Can't wait for the big book signing at Murphy's Bleachers at the end of July (July 27th at 3pm).

"Behind the Camera" was just ordered by a university in Los Angeles, which is going to use the book as part of the curriculum. (Youngsters, I hope you realize Mr. Quinzio's salty language is just to help acquaint you with the real world). Boxes and boxes are going out in the mail today.

"Records Truly Is My Middle Name" is making a resurgence too. John will be making his first downstate appearance to promote the book (in Danville, Illinois in August), and that's spiking sales too.

Thanks for all of your support!