Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don Cannon

Thanks to Tom Taylor for publishing Landecker's Don Cannon story in his NOW Newsletter this morning...

One more Don Cannon story - John Landecker worked with Cannon at Philadelphia's "Wibbage" WIBG, and in his memoir titled 'Records Truly Is My Middle Name,' he says "I was working the 6-10pm shift, and everything seemed normal that night. I put a 45 rpm record on the turntable, put the needle on the record, and it began playing on the air. But as I was talking over the intro, a hand reached over and picked the needle off the record. There was suddenly nothing on the air but my voice. When I turned around to see what happened (with the microphone open), Don Cannon was standing there with a woman wearing a fur coat. When she saw me turn around, the woman opened her coat, and revealed that she was totally naked underneath. I was speechless. And Don Cannon laughed hysterically. To this day that is the only totally naked woman I’ve ever seen at a radio station. Emphasis: Totally naked." Landecker's book is published by Eckhartz Press, and thanks to publisher (and NOW Reader) Rick Kaempfer for sharing the anecdote about Cannon, who passed away last Friday morning at 74.