Monday, January 05, 2015

Net Neutrality

Looks like the matter will be resolved soon, but how will it be resolved?

The FCC wants to pass something to preserve net neutrality by February.

The new Republican Congress, with mega-corporate marching orders in hand, wants to actually pass a law PREVENTING the FCC from passing a rule. If you hear a politician talk about the dangers of "regulating innovation" I hope your B.S. detector goes off. The "innovation" they are talking about is charging you more for what you already have, and for creating a tiered internet system that allows big money corporations to have a better, faster internet than you.

Regulating it means this: Leaving it as it is...the greatest innovator in the to all equally.

That's the full explanation, period. Everything else you hear is noise intended to distract you. It's actually a very simple matter.