Thursday, June 11, 2015

Conservative Talk Radio Battle

Last year at this time the morning host of WIND was Big John Howell, and the co-morning host of WLS was Dan Proft. WLS easily beat WIND in the ratings.

Since then, WLS hired Big John and fired Dan, and Dan was hired by WIND.

Now WIND is beating WLS in the mornings for the first time ever.

I really don't think this is a John Howell or Dan Proft issue. My friends and relatives that love conservative talk (I have a few, believe it or not) are all moving over to WIND. They tell me it's because WLS now has non-conservative talk on the air (Steve & Johnny), and they don't like anyone unlike them coming into their bubble.

WLS needs to attract non-conservatives to replace the bubble people, and the rest of us took WLS off our pre-sets years ago because we we didn't dig toxic venom. I have people ask me all the time whatever happened to Johnny (Brandmeier) or Steve (Dahl). When I say they are on the air every day, I see the surprise on their faces.

I hate to say it WLS, but if you believe in your new direction, you need to let Chicago know what you're doing. You know that stuff you sell to your advertisers to get the word out about their companies? Other outlets also sell that same stuff.