Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Father Knows Nothing Review

Jeepers, this sure is a nice review courtesy of fellow author K.P. Lynne. We're not related, I swear...

Book Review: Father Knows Nothing By Rick Kaempfer Is The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is coming soon! In fact, it is just around the corner. You will need to find the perfect gift for your Dad. Let’s be honest, your dad will love whatever you give him, because the gift is from YOU, but your dad is a really special guy. Doesn't your dad deserve a Father’s Day gift as awesome as the man himself?
Let’s face it! Dad does NOT need another flashing, light-up, battery-operated neck tie, with a small sticker that says "Press Here For (Tacky) Music." Unless you were raised by a family of wolves or grizzly bears, I have a hunch your father is more than likely evolved enough to shower with soap from a soap dish, so Dad really could do without Wild Cinnamon Man Musk Scented Soap On A Rope.

You've already given your Dad 8 or 9 fishing poles that are nicely rusted together in a clump in the back of the pickup truck, enough golf clubs to open his own shop, and a box load of various bottles of after-shave that put skunks to shame. Then there are all of those boxes of discount power tools piled up and there’s that shiny new treadmill Dad asked for last year that now serves as a beautiful coat and hat rack.

If you are seeking the perfect, quintessential "Father's Day Gift," please buy your dad what he really wants and needs! Every Dad MUST HAVE a copy of "Father Knows Nothing" by Rick Kaempfer! Some Dads just don’t know they want it yet, but trust me, they do! In fact, buy two copies, one for your dad, and one for you!

Once you open the book and start skimming through it (and you know that you will) you will never put it down again, and that will defeat the purpose, because you'll be back to square one, and still need a gift for your Dad! Better yet, buy a whole case full of books, and give a copy to your Grandpa, your Godfather, your favorite Uncle, and that great guy that coaches your kid’s soccer team! It is really THAT good!

“Father Knows Nothing” is one of the most fascinating, humorous, heartfelt and insightful books ever written about fatherhood, penned by an exceptional author, stay-at-home-dad and father of 3 wonderful, energetic and adventurous boys. In his own inimitable style, Rick Kaempfer, a highly versatile story weaver, casts his heartfelt, yet humor-filled net over his readers, and holds them captive from cover to cover!

With a style all his own, he has mastered something that most authors only dream of doing – he effectively and successfully blends the smile with the tear. During his serious moments, he pens profound and meaningful reflections of the unconditional love he holds deep within his heart for his children. This is a sentiment every dad wishes he could fully express, yet few are blest with the gift for words that Kaempfer possesses or the artistic ability to put the pen to the paper, and share these emotions in such a warm, open, thought-provoking and genuine manner.

At the other end of the spectrum, Rick Kaempfer leaves the reader rolling on the floor with waves of uproarious, uncontrollable laughter, with lighthearted anecdotes, and hilarious realistic portrayals of the hysterically funny things that his real-life kids say and do each day! There are comedic moments in this book that put every stand-up comic and night time talk show host to shame.

Hmmm....Maybe the author should develop his own stand-up routine based upon this book!

Through the laughter, love and tears, Rick Kaempfer paints a colorful portrait of his parenting experiences and gently offers advice, without being preachy about his methods. In fact, his methods are so carefully woven into the tapestry of the story that the reader may not even realize the lessons that were learned until much later. That is a sign of truly good writing!

Rick Kaempfer has effectively blended and balanced laughter and tears to create what is quite possibly one of the most honest and realistic portrayals of family life in contemporary America! “Father Knows Nothing” is a celebration of fatherhood and family, along with all of its trials and tribulations, and most importantly, the unconditional love that a father feels for his children. My only issue is with the book's title. The author called it “Father Knows Nothing.” By the end of the book, it becomes quite clear that Father does indeed know “something” after all and everything he knows was taught to him by his children. “Father Knows Nothing” is the must-have book for Father’s Day. Put it right at the top of your gift-giving list!

- K.P. Lynne