Friday, June 05, 2015

Royal Pranker Finally Gets a New Job

Remember the jock who pranked Kate Middleton's nurse, resulting in that nurse's suicide? She's been unemployed ever since (almost three years), but finally landed a new job. From this morning's Tom Taylor column...

‘Royal prank” jock Mel Greig opens up about the two-year depression she’s coming out of. Also the new job she just landed, all on a conference panel in Sydney, Australia. In a December 2012 phone prank for Sydney’s top 40 2Day FM, Greig posed as Queen Elizabeth II and her then-partner Michael Christian was “Prince Charles.” That started a chain of circumstances that culminated in the suicide of a London nurse caring for Duchess Kate Middleton. Now Greig tells the Mumbrella 360 panel that “basically, our integrity failed, common sense failed, and the process failed, when that call was aired.” Note the way she says that, about the process. As we’ve been saying here, it was management at Southern Cross Austereo that deliberated for an hour before deciding to air the tape of the call. Greig finally reached for professional help with the “really deep depression” she suffered, after receiving death threats from around the world. She says “when you go completely numb from depression, you can’t feel anything…and you need to get help.” After being rejected by potential employers “about hundred times…yesterday, I got a ‘yes.’” Mel’s starting a content marketing manager for an advertising agency.