Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Iranian Deal

I watched and listened to both sides praising and ripping the Iran nuclear deal, but what I really wanted was something we used to have in this country--objective journalists saying which side is right (or partially right) and which side is wrong (or partially wrong). I eliminated all choices that called the president names (Appeaser, Neville Chamberlain, America-hater, etc), and all the choices from the liberal publications that reflexively praise him.

This is the best I found. It's the fairly non-partisan (or even right-leaning) Economist trying to unravel the pros and cons.

Their assessment: Mostly good

David Ignatius is an expert on the subject and is a sober realist. He's also not a partisan. His opinion is that is a "a well crafted deal" but it also poses a good question "Will Iran behave?" You can read his assessment here. To me, his conclusion sums up the situation pretty well...

In the wake of the agreement, Netanyahu called Tuesday “one of the darkest days in world history.” Republican politicians made similar strident attacks, but the critics appeared to be outliers. The pact has the support of most major nations. Even Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates offered measured comments. Obama seems to have won this round. Netanyahu and his GOP allies are indignant about the deal, but they are taking on the world.