Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Media Mogul Retreat

It's that time of year again. Every year all the media moguls gather in Sun Valley Idaho for a closed-to-the-public off-the-record retreat; something that I lampooned in my novel "$everance". How this off-the-record retreat of the people who control the vast majority of the information we receive as a country hasn't sparked conspiracy theories is beyond my comprehension.

Tom Taylor speculates about this year's confab in his column today: "Who’s flying their private jets to Sun Valley this week? The two top execs at CBS, Les Moonves and Joe Ianiello. Things might get awkward if they bump into Philippe Dauman of Viacom, who will sit on the board of the Redstone family trust that oversees both companies after Sumner’s passing. Current Disney chief Bob Iger will be there with COO Tom Staggs. So will the Murdochs, and Apple CEO Tim Cook."

I find this whole thing incredibly fascinating. These guys are all billionaires, and they all hate each other, yet they never miss a chance to attend. What on earth goes on at these meetings?