Tuesday, July 07, 2015

No Prison Time for Rupert's Features Editor

The final sentence of the phone hacking trial in England was handed down yesterday, and 49 year old features editor Jules Stenson received a four month suspended sentence, which means he's not going to jail. The judge had some compassion for him. From the AP...

The judge said Stenson "was put in a position of competing with people working on the news desk who he knew were phone hacking, and his editor condoned the practice."

And so it ends. Nine of Rupert's employees were convicted in the case--including a few of Rupert's hand-picked editors like Andy Coulson, who later served as the Prime Minister's spokesperson. Next time you hear one of Rupert's other media outlets criticizing the mainstream media, keep in mind that this is the same organization that has been convicted of criminal activity. Nine times.