Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some Love for Kipper

Tom Taylor's NOW column has a nice piece about Kipper McGee's new Eckhartz Press book "BRANDwidth"...

Kipper McGee’s new book “Brandwidth” is now available for shipping, from Eckhartz Press, and in it the veteran major-market PD and consultant extols the power of brands here in the year 2015. But also “How Big Broadcasting is missing the mediamorphosis” due to its “financial Armageddon.” And how “unencumbered brands” (stations or talent associated with the owners not saddled with huge debt) “can learn from their mistakes.” Not only does Kipper supply his truth in text, there are illustrations by Webby-Award-winning artist Jessica Hagy. Check out “Brandwidth” from Kipper and Jessica directly from publisher Eckhartz Press here.