Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Colbert's Trump Interview

I didn't see watch it last night (I was watching and rewatching Cubs highlights), but the Atlantic reviewed Colbert's interview with Trump.

They panned it. Pretty strongly.

Had the Trump interview occurred on The Colbert Report, it would have been—or, well, it could have been—quite a match-up. Two blowhards, blowing hard against each other! But, of course, it wasn’t the character “Stephen Colbert” who conducted last night’s interview. It was Stephen Colbert, the affable late-night host. And that Stephen Colbert—the funny one, the charming one, the complicated one, the one who needs to keep booking politicians for his show—seemed unable to stand up to a man whose response, when asked whether there’s anything at all he would like to apologize for, is a simple “no.”