Friday, September 25, 2015

Trump to Meet with Roger Ailes

The latest feud between Donald Trump and Fox News is set to be resolved soon with a face-to-face meeting between Trump and Fox News boss Roger Ailes. From the Hollywood Reporter...

"Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes and Donald Trump spoke this morning and plan to have a meeting next week to discuss their differences of opinion regarding Fox's coverage of Mr. Trump's presidential campaign," reads the statement. "Ailes will be joined by senior Fox editorial executives. Mr. Trump believes he has been treated unfairly in certain instances. Fox News has held every candidate in this race to the highest journalistic standards throughout our coverage. We believe a candid meeting about our differences is required and that any misunderstandings can be handled without compromising those standards."

My guess is the spokesperson for Fox News used air quotes while dictating the "highest journalistic standards" portion of the memo. If they actually had those, they would have marginalized this birther monster years ago when he was spouting on about Obama not being born in this country. Instead they let him spout, unchallenged, as if what he was saying wasn't completely crazy.

You can put him on stage in a tuxedo and sing "Puttin' on the Ritz" with him, but don't blame the monster if someone lights a match, and he freaks out. You're the one who created him and put him on a stage he doesn't belong.