Thursday, September 24, 2015

Try to be a little more thin-skinned

Here is a guy who refuses to apologize for anything he's ever said or done (and he's said and/or done many things that warrant apologies), and his luxurious orange-leather skin looks pretty thick at first glance, but wow is Donald Trump a little baby when he gets criticized. He said he would boycott Fox because they were booking guests that were being "unfair to him".

Wow. What a tough guy. "Mommy, they're being meanies--tell them they have to be nice to me."

And now, he wants the FCC to fine a Fox News pundit who said "Carly cut Trump's balls off at the debate."

"Mommy, that's super duper mean. Tell him to stop being super-duper mean."

I think I have only agreed with Rich Lowry two or three times over the past thirty years, but he totally nailed it with his tweet last night...