Thursday, October 08, 2015

Rick O'Dell to MeTV radio

About four months ago I wrote about Mark Zander's foray into programming the oldies on MeTV radio. Well, a few weeks ago, Zander was offered a slot on the Drive, which left that programming slot open once again.

Yesterday his replacement was named: Rick O'Dell. From the station's press release...

MeTV FM announces the hire of Chicago radio icon Rick O’Dell as Program Director. 87.7 MeTV FM features an exclusive format of classic pop music. O’Dell will focus on format development, brand management and work with the station team for creation of cross-platform content, ideas and initiatives. He’ll begin on Monday, October 12. “The timeless hits and memorable music of MeTV FM are the music I grew up with. I love these songs. And most of them were on the playlist of WCLR when I was with them back in the day,” said O’Dell. “I can’t wait to get started working with Neal and his incredible team.”

As Rick notes in his quote--he did get his start in Chicago on WCLR. Before that, he worked at my old station in Champaign-Urbana, WPGU. So, even though he is known mostly for Jazz, he does have experience in this format too.