Friday, October 09, 2015

Tickets for Monday's Game

So, I found out yesterday that I have two tickets to Monday's Game 3, Cubs vs. Cardinals.

I knew everyone in my family would want to go, which left me with a dilemma. Who should get the other ticket?

Oldest son Tommy backed out because he's not a baseball fan, which left it up to Bridget, middle son Johnny, and youngest son Sean. When Johnny heard he was up against Sean he said, "He's a way bigger fan than me. It wouldn't be fair if I went," so he backed out too.

So that left it up to Bridget and Sean. I could tell that Bridget really wanted to go, so I offered the ticket to her. But when I offered she said, "You should really take Sean. He's the one that deserves it. He's the one that loves the Cubs the most." And because Bridget is such a wonderful person I told her that she should break the news to him. It was like he won the lottery. He said..."Dad, I don't have school on Monday. Let's get there right when the doors open."

I think the right choice was made.