Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Is Keith Olbermann Coming Back to MSNBC?

That's what this post at Mediaite hints.

A short excerpt...

In the meantime, a conversation may or may not soon commence between Keith Olbermann and MSNBC, depending on whom you believe. The topic? His possible return to the network.

He isn’t under contract. A huuuugggge campaign season with plenty of comedy to play with is already underway. There probably isn’t a moment on this rollercoaster ride that Olbermann wishes he isn’t attacking with a snarky remark from his old Countdown chair again.

He may have burned (OK, napalmed) the bridge during his sudden exit last time. There’s always a risk taking on the Terrell Owens of broadcasting.

But bridges can be repaired if the ends justify the means. In the end, Olbermann and MSNBC make sense, at least until the inauguration in 2017.

And if one discussion leads to another which leads to a contract, perhaps MSNBC primetime as a whole can get back to being truly competitive once again.