Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Trump Negotiating New Debate Rules

Trump is handling the debate negotiations himself, according to this morning's Washington Post. The story doesn't say exactly what Trump is asking for, but I did a little investigative work, and found Trump's sample list of questions for future debate moderators.

#1: Why would you give up your HUGE business to take a pay cut? Is it because you love the American people so much?

#2: We've spoken to women you've known over the years and they insist your bank account isn't the only thing that's HUGE about you. Smile if it's true.

#3: My God, you're good looking. I don't have a question. Just had to say that.

#4: I know you're not Catholic, but if Pope Francis said he'd like to declare you a Saint, would you accept that new title?

#5: We know how humble you are, but would you say that you're the greatest ever at humility?

Shouldn't be a problem if they get the right moderators.