Friday, January 29, 2016

The Debate Freak Show

I couldn't stop flipping between the news channels last night. Trump was featured on CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the GOP candidates were on Fox News debating. It was one of the weirdest political nights of my lifetime...and I found myself rooting for Donald Trump!

I can't believe I'm writing that, but it's true. The Fox News debate looked boring and small without him. The other candidates, some of whom I would actually consider voting for, tried too hard to sound tough like Trump--and came off looking like dweebs. Meanwhile, Trump was holding court on his jet on CNN, and announcing to everyone that Roger Ailes called to apologize to him and beg him to attend.

That's about as good as it gets. Roger Ailes hasn't apologized in fifty years. And he has been the biggest bully in the media for the last fifteen years. Seeing him beg and squirm is a sight I thought I'd never see.

Don't get me wrong, I won't vote for Trump, and there was a moment last night where I realized he could actually be the next President...and I got a cold chill up my spine.

But for one night, I was with him.

UPDATE: The ratings are in. It was the second lowest rated debate so far.