Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tracking Emotional Responses to Ads

I certainly understand advertisers wanting to have better data, but am I alone in thinking this sounds slightly creepy? From today's Variety...
For years, media companies have been trying to assess the reaction to their content and advertising among social-media users in a quantitative way. But they’ve been frustrated with the limited capabilities of “sentiment analysis” tools that capture only general positive or negative attitudes — with questionable accuracy.

Now Viacom thinks it’s finally found a buzz-monitoring tool for social chatter that’s “on fleek.” The media conglomerate’s Velocity integrated marketing and creative content arm has teamed with technology startup Canvs, which categorizes social-media comments into 56 emotional categories and uses a dictionary of 4 million words and phrases keyed into millennial slang and social-media shorthand.
It's like SABR metrics for human emotions.

"Can't believe that got a 56 OMG."

"I know, but it's also only a 37 LOL."