Monday, May 09, 2016

As the Sumner Turns

Last we checked in at the Sumner Redstone trial, I was expressing first-ever sympathy for the man. I heard he was going to be forced to testify, and feared the 90-something-year old was going to be humiliated because he has essentially turned into a vegetable. Turns out, not only was able to testify, the real Redstone is still alive inside that old shell of a body. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

As the L.A. Times says, Sumner Redstone “became his own star witness” in the suit brought by Herzer...During the pre-trial wrangling, the judge kept asking where Sumner’s own voice was, and now he’s heard it – Redstone doesn’t want Herzer in his life. That should please his daughter Shari, who’d like some security as her dad’s health-care guardian. But not his granddaughter Keryn. The New York Times says she’s “formed an alliance with Ms. Herzer that essentially pits her against Shari Redstone, her aunt.” Keryn’s on record saying that her grandfather’s “a prisoner in his own home.” We could get a verdict in Herzer’s bid to be reinstalled as Sumner’s health-care guardian as soon as today. There’s some graphic NSFW language in here, but if you’re curious, the Times has a transcript of Sumner’s deposition here.

I read the transcript. He had a hard time speaking. He needed to adjust his dentures. He had an interpreter helping interpret his sign language. But when he actually spoke real words, the words were "I kicked her out" and "Manuela is a f**king bitch."

That's the real Sumner right there. An SOB to the bitter end.

UPDATE: It's all over.