Friday, June 24, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Update

It won't be anywhere near his old deal, but don't worry about Rush. His the-other-side-is-wrong-about-everything-and-I-am-right-about-everything audio-poison-festival will still be around (how do you really feel, Rick?). From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

It’s up to him whether he signs, but the deal’s reportedly on the table in front of him. (Or on his Mac computer screen.) Tuesday’s NOW lead story said “All’s quiet on the Rush Limbaugh renewal front,” and that’s probably because Premiere boss Julie Talbott wants it that way. She wants a nice clean renewal with no drama. But the circumstances are so different from 2008, when Premiere signed Rush to a reported eight-year deal worth $400 million. Rush is now 65 and almost certainly isn’t looking at another eight-year contract. There may be option windows, but the initial term’s probably not eight years. Other ways 2016 is different – Rush’s show has ratings issues in some (not all) key markets, and it also isn’t bringing in the ad revenue it did in 2008. Same for those fat affiliate fees in some markets like Boston. (Though Premiere mines gold from ancillary ventures such as the website and subscription newsletter it runs for Rush.) At one of Rush’s renewals, he reportedly asked for and got a plane. But how many more perks does he want or need? The question about Rush’s future with Premiere is relevant because his deal’s up – and he’s not likely to jump ship to SiriusXM or take the Glenn Beck route and start his own venture. Premiere wants to keep him happy and in the fold. But how much are they willing to spend? Expect an announcement pretty soon.