Thursday, September 08, 2016

Dave Logan

Dave Logan was my program director at the Loop during my last year or two at the station. He has popped up all over the country since then, but has settled back in Chicago. Here's what he's doing now. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

Chicago’s classic rock “Hound” to make yet another frequency change. MB Capital Management first operated its translator at 106.3 (as W292DJ Lake Bluff), then 106.9 (the current licensed facility) and now it aspires to 107.1. New calls will be W295CG, and it will run 250 watts, fed by an HD Radio signal leased from Univision’s WOJO Evanston/105.1. Chicagoland Radio & Media has the story of the prowling “Hound” – whose translator is leased out by MB Capital to Anthem Broadcasting. The classic rock’s being programmed by veteran Dave Logan.