Tuesday, September 06, 2016

We Have Company gets a great write up

Thank you Robert Feder for this nice write up about our new book by Bobby Skafish...

"Chicago rock radio veteran Bobby Skafish has just written a great new book chronicling more than 40 years of interviews and impressions of the music world’s royalty. We Have Company: Four Decades of Rock and Roll Encounters, published by Rick Kaempfer’s Eckhartz Press, is available for preorder online. Skafish, who hosted afternoons on Hubbard Radio classic hits WDRV FM 97.1 until last year, writes with insight and wit about more than 80 of the greatest artists in rock history. The photos he shares are pretty cool, too."

You can pre-order it here!

Larz at Chicagoland Radio and Media also did a nice write up. You can check that out here.

The publicity tour starts in earnest on Wednesday, with an appearance on Bill and Wendy's show on WGN.