Thursday, October 27, 2016

World Series in Chicago

I've been a Cubs season ticket holder for twenty years (with 8 other guys/gals), and I've seen so many great games (including this year), but as the World Series returns to Chicago, I have no tickets. We had a draft among the group of us, and I pulled the short straw. My plan had been to go to Wrigleyville anyway, just to experience the atmosphere, but then I heard that bars were charging $250-$500 entry fees.That's just wrong. I won't pay that. So, I'll be watching the games at home instead. I'll still enjoy the experience, and I won't have to pay $9 for a beer, but I must admit...I feel like I'm missing something. For those of you at the ballpark this weekend, have a great time, and raise a glass for the rest of us who are with you in spirit. Go Cubs!