Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Morning Changes at WSHE

Bummer. Liked Brian Peck. Instinctually dislike syndicated shows replacing local shows. But here's the scoop, courtesy of the RAMP Newsletter...

It's a huge Top 3 market clearance for the syndicated Brooke & Jubal, as their show has been picked up by Hubbard Radio's WSHE (The New SHE 100.3)/Chicago. Brooke & Jubal will make its Windy City debut on Monday, Nov. 14, where it will run from 6-9am CT. Current WSHE morning personality Brian Peck will exit on Friday, Nov. 11. In making the announcement, PD Cat Thomas said, "I've been a Brooke and Jubal fan since I first heard them last year on a trip to the Northwest. They're entertaining, funny, smart and addicting. They deserve to be heard in the hottest, most historic radio market in the US. The New SHE 100.3 is now ready to go above and beyond our strong workday launch with great music AND great personalities."

Okey doke. Reserving judgement to be fair, but as I already mentioned, not a fan (in general) of moves like this. They aren't moving to Chicago. They'll continue to do their show from Seattle.