Monday, January 30, 2017

The Fork in the Road

Thirty years ago this week I was at a crossroads. I was trying to get a full-time job in radio, and offers were trickling in from places like Logan Utah, Colorado Springs, and Peoria, but I wanted to stay in Chicago. I decided to send a Hail-Mary pass letter to the biggest station in town, the Loop. I almost didn't send it because it was just preposterous to think I could get a job at the hottest station in the country. But there was something in that letter that touched promotion director Sandy Stahl, and she called me. Within a few weeks I was working in Steve & Garry's office. A few months later I was producing their show--the number one show in Chicago. A few months after that I was given my own overnight show on the Loop FM. That was probably the most exciting seven years of my life. I not only got to work with my radio idols (Steve & Garry, Brandmeier, Kevin Matthews, Bobby Skafish, Bob Stroud, Patti Haze, Matt Bisbee and so many more), I made life-long friends, met my future wife, and launched a successful career. I'm so happy I sent that letter.