Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Alternate Media at White House Briefings

One of the innovations the Trump Administration is bringing to the White House briefing room is allowing alternative media that has previously been shut out of the process a seat at the table. That seat comes via Skype so that they aren't part of "the beltway" crowd. The first one given that right? From Radio Ink...

Conservative talker Lars Larson of Alpha’s FM News 101 KXL in Portland. When President Trump took over, The White House said four reporters would be chosen for “Skype Seats,” which is aimed at allowing reporters or hosts outside Washington to participate in the daily White House press briefings.

Among the tough questions expected from the exclusively conservative partisans invited are...

*Those Democrats are meanies. Why don't know they appreciate our beloved Trump?

*Do you think President Trump is merely great, or is he the greatest?

*Now that we control all levers of government, don't you think we should ban Democrats?

*Will President Trump pay for our medical bills if we punch a protestor for him?

*If we ever come to Washington, would it be appropriate to offer our bodies for President Trump's pleasure?

LATE UPDATE: Here's his actual question. Was I far off?