Monday, March 27, 2017

How Right-Wing Media Saved Obamacare

Conor Friedersdorf is a conservative/libertarian writer for the Atlantic, and he presents a very compelling case for why the right wing media (Fox News, talk radio, et al) actually saved Obamacare.

They did it by intentionally misleading the public for many years about the true consequences of repealing the legislation. They told their audiences that repealing it would provide everyone with a better product for less money. That promise got the Republicans votes and the opportunity to live up to it.

But when it was time to actually repeal it, the truth of the Republican alternative came out (it would cost more and cover less), and nobody wanted it repealed any more.

Some people still think that the fantasy world alternative exists out there (about 17% of the country according to the latest polls), but many more now realize they have been duped.

I would argue they've duped about a lot more than this, but they will find that out soon enough. I'm not an expert on the various different policy proposals. I am an expert on the media, however. And whenever I hear someone compare the right wing media to the mainstream media as if they offset each other, I know I am dealing with someone who isn't living in reality.

The mainstream media isn't intentionally distorting the news to fit the narrative left wing readers desire (other than an outlet like MSNBC, which was built on the Fox News model). They are actual journalists who might personally lean left, but who have a series of rules they must follow to present the truth as well as they can. That's their mission. Sometimes they fall short of it, but that is what they are trying to accomplish.

Do you really think the right wing news has the same mission? Is truth their goal?

Ask the people who are disseminating the information in the right wing media. They know that isn't the goal. The goal is to present the conservative argument, for or against, with no one seriously challenging that message.

That's not news.

And it's not healthy for this country when people think it really is.