Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chicago Radio Ratings

From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

Chicago likes last month’s top three – V103, WBBM/WCFS, “Mix” and “B96.” That’s iHeart’s urban AC WVAZ (5.6-5.8-6.1), CBS news simulcast WBBM/WCFS (4.9-4.8-4.7) and Hubbard’s hot AC WTMX (4.8-4.6-4.6). In that bunch, V103 wins every daypart except mornings, the all-newser is #1 mornings and the “Mix” morning show – without Kathy Hart – slips a bit to second. From there, it’s a complete scrum in the total-week standings, with five stations between a 3.9 and a 3.7. Tied at a 3.9 are CBS rhythmic “B96” WBBM-FM (3.7-4.0-3.9) and Hubbard’s classic rock “Drive” WDRV (3.5-3.6-3.9, and now tied for second place on Saturday/Sunday). Tied at a 3.8 are iHeart’s “Kiss” WKSC (3.9-3.7-3.8) and CBS sports “Score” WSCR (3.7-3.7-3.8, with the Cubs keeping it second place at night). And right there at a 3.7 is Univision’s regional Mexican WOJO (3.3-3.6-3.7). Chris Huff has some honors to bestow – “CBS country ‘US99’ WUSN (2.6-2.9-3.4) posts its largest share since December 2014. And CBS alternative rock WXRT (2.5-2.9-3.0) has its largest share since August 2014.” Let’s salute easy oldies WRME (2.6-2.8-2.9). That’s yet another record share for WRME, the low power TV Channel 6 TV LMA’d by Weigel. Coming back is Chicago Public Media’s not-for-profit news/talk WBEZ (2.0-2.3-2.6, and sixth with “Morning Edition”). The Windy City’s cume leader is CHR Kiss (2,145,200).