Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I went to a different school

This is an op-ed written originally for the Philadelphia Inquirer. It was an angry response to people who made fun of Trump fans who got mad at NPR for tweeting the Declaration of Independence because they thought it was ripping our President.

Not cool, this column says, to make fun of those people for not knowing.

Um, OK. But this is the paragraph that made my head explode...
I’m not saying everyone who voted for Trump did it to “get back” at the schoolyard bullies, the ones who were always telling them they weren’t good enough, tolerant enough, organic enough, multicultural enough, tech-savvy enough, gender-sensitive enough, and so on and so forth to the tenth power of nausea.

Wow, did this writer capture the schoolyard bullies of my youth. I remember they used to chase me down, pin me, and then yell at me for not being organic and multi-cultural enough, and mocked me for not being able to write code, before dangling a wad of spit above my face.

Friggin' bully nerds. I will never forgive their tolerant and intellectual violence.