Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A Proper Burial

Last night Bridget was out in the garage when she heard our dog Ivy get into a confrontation with another beast of some kind, and let's just say Ivy was the winner this time.

Bridget came in to get me. There was a large gray furry lump in the middle of our backyard. She wanted me to properly dispose of the body.

I took a close look at the vanquished beast, and it was pretty big. Its head was curled up beneath its body, but it appeared to be either a raccoon or a possum. At first I was just going to shovel it into a garbage bag, but since our garbage had just been picked up that morning, I didn't want a rotting carcass in our can for a whole week.

So I decided to bury it. I found a nice quiet spot on the side of our house and started digging. It was dark, so Bridget held the flashlight while I prepared the beast's final resting place. It had to be a pretty deep hole because it was a pretty big beast, so it took me a good twenty minutes.

When I finished, I started walking toward the beast to pick it up with a shovel. I was only about five feet away, when something rather unexpected happened. The beast looked up at me. It was not dead at all. It was a possum.

The possum calmly got up and waddled out of my yard. It had just been playing possum to avoid Ivy's wrath.

And now I've got a big hole in my side yard.