Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Taylor Swift Trial

I've been following the trial of the Denver DJ who sued his former company and Taylor Swift after he was fired. Swift had claimed that he groped her butt during a photo session. The photo does look like his hand was rather low, but I was reserving judgement. He claimed to have a tape of the discussion with his bosses and I wanted to hear that. According to Radio Ink, that tape came up in the trial right away...

The trial between Taylor Swift and fired Denver morning man David Mueller officially began Tuesday. Mueller took the stand and was peppered with questions about destroyed evidence, as Swift’s team tried to damage his credibility right off the bat. They also attempted to portray Mueller as an angry man who wasn’t getting enough attention from the superstar singer.

Former KYGO radio host David Mueller testified Tuesday that he didn’t send all of the audio recordings of his meeting with bosses after he was accused of groping pop star Taylor Swift because he spilled coffee on the keyboard of his computer as they were being transmitted to Swift’s legal team.

As the father of teenagers, let's just say its a good thing for the DJ that I'm not on the jury. That sounds like something my boys would say.