Thursday, March 28, 2013

Behind the Scenes with John Landecker at WGN-TV

We had a great time at WGN-Television this morning. We arrived around 7:15 for a 7:45 segment, and were let in to the green room. Dave brought bagels, but since we were the only ones there this morning, we ended up eating them all.

Jeff Hoover was the producer for this segment, and it was good seeing him again. (See his picture below along with his partner in crime, Mike Toomey. They were preparing to dress like the Easter bunny for an upcoming segment). John groaned a bit as we watched the tease mentioning the debauchery in his book, and then we were brought in to the set. When Robin and Larry complimented me on the good job I did on the book, John reminded them that he had a little something to do with it too, you know.

Dave and I sat in the chairs on the neighboring set and watched the interview from there.

See the behind-the-scenes photos below…

(JRL and Eckhartz Press publisher Dave Stern, Jeff Hoover and Mike Toomey with JRL, just before the interview, and after the segment is over

Watch the video here.