Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Casey Kasem

From Tom Taylor's NOW column. The Casey Kasem saga continues...

Casey Kasem’s daughter petitions a court to put her in charge of his health care. More on the startling story from last week, where a protest in front of Casey’s lavish L.A. home featured family members (children from his first marriage) and longtime friends and associates like Don Bustany and Tom Rounds. Casey’s three kids from his first marriage know they’re out of his will, but they haven’t been allowed to see their dad, now in the later stages of Parkinson’s, for quite a while. Now E! News says daughter Julie has “filed for a conservatorship that would put her in charge of her dad’s health care.” Last week, Julie told KABC-TV that “the disease may be killing his body, but it doesn’t need to kill his spirit and soul...I simply want to see my father on a regular basis, give him a hug, hold his hand, give him a massage, put a smile back on his face.” Julie, Michael and “Sixx Sense” radio show host Kerri Kasem claim that Casey’s second wife Jean hasn’t allowed them to see their dad – and won’t even let him accept their phone calls.