Friday, December 13, 2013

Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz is a host on MSNBC. I have a hard time watching him because he isn't the most articulate when it comes to explaining his position. When he gets into a "debate" with someone who disagrees with him, he gets schooled pretty routinely.

He does, however, have a real passion for a few causes, and one of those is American labor. He defends the labor position more consistently and vociferously than anyone else in the media.

That's why this piece in Politico is so troubling.

It appears he's being paid to do so. Even if there's a logical explanation for these payments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the perception of impropriety is unmistakable. This is why journalists are not supposed to accept money from people they may have to cover. I know Ed isn't a journalist, but he is on an all-news station.

He's giving his critics legitimate ammunition by taking that money.