Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reader Reviews for Eckhartz Press Books

One of the most rewarding things about being a publisher is receiving notes, letters and e-mails from readers who were affected by and really enjoyed our books. Thanks for all the kind words, and especially thanks for posting some of those kind words on amazon and goodreads.

If you've read and enjoyed one of our titles, we'd appreciate it if you added your voice to the chorus. Below you'll find the links to each of our books on amazon and goodreads. A few words of praise might encourage others to check out the books as well. It's a nice way of spreading some holiday joy this season.

We're just a humble local Chicago publisher with a limited marketing budget, so any help you can give our authors would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



The Living Wills on Amazon

Sarah Diaz gave it 5 stars and wrote: "The engaging characters captured my interest immediately, as did the plot. I love books that have seemingly unrelated storylines that keep you wondering how they will intersect. The characters and their lives were very real. One of the best qualities of the novel is the attention that the authors give to the everyday details that seem unimportant, such as the familiarity of your favorite coffee shop or those quirky neighbors we all have. At times comedic, at times heartbreaking, the story kept me interested from the first page to the last. Of course, being a Chicagoan, I appreciated all the local references. I would love to see another novel by these authors!"

The Living Wills on GoodReads

Carol Riha gave it five stars and wrote: "I absolutely loved this book! I loved the characters, the storylines, and especially how the stories all came together at the end. I also laughed and cried, and was sad when I finished the book. I would love to read more books by these two authors. Keep writing, guys!!!"



Down at the Golden Coin on Amazon

Bart Stine gave it five stars and wrote: "A beautiful story, written in an energetic and lighthearted style. Like a sweet cocktail, you don't realize what you're getting into until it hits you like a two by four to the back of your head. Then you begin to rethink everything, your place in the universe, your priorities and your own personal spiritual journey. The authors hip, witty prose belies a strong undertow of cosmic thought and philosophy. I literally couldn't put it down once I started it and the introspection it triggered lasted much longer than the book."

Down at the Golden Coin on GoodReads

Janette Skinner gave it five stars and wrote: "This book is funny, serious, enlightening, and thought provoking."



Cheeseland on Amazon

Cyrus Webb gave it five stars and wrote: "Delivered with skill and captivating from beginning to end, CHEESELAND reninds us of the preciousness of life and the importance of making the most of each and every day."

Cheeseland on GoodReads

Kelly McNeese gave it five stars and wrote: "Richardson writes with humor and compassion about two friends who don't have the capacity to deal with the enormous loss they've suffered. What they do instead--set out on a road trip that quickly goes down the tubes--will keep you turning the pages and wondering how they'll ever survive the summer."


The Balding Handbook_Front Cover

The Balding Handbook on Amazon

David from Tokyo gave it five stars and wrote: "The book made me laugh. It is still enjoyable for people like me who still have most of their hair. Or am I just stuck in denial?"

The Balding Handbook on GoodReads

Brent Petersen gave it five stars and wrote: "So funny. So funny. So funny. I received this book in the mail and read it the same day. My neighbors must think they are living next to a lunatic as I laughed loud and hard at every chapter."



Records Truly Is My Middle Name on Amazon

Kipper McGee gave it five stars and wrote: "This is not just a typcial "DJ" radio book -- it is a thoughtful, instructive story of a sojourn from which we can all learn. Plus, nobody tells a story like JRL! (P.S...the only reason I gave it a 5-star rating is because that's as high as the system allows!) Whether you're a radio person or a radio listener who enjoys 'behind the scenes' stories -- BUY THIS BOOK. You won't be disappointed."

Records Truly Is My Middle Name on GoodReads

Paul gave it five stars and wrote: "For anyone who grew up in Chicago, you heard John Records Landecker on the radio. Even if you didn't, after reading this memoir, you'll wish you had. "Records Truly Is My Middle Name" is just like Landecker's various radio shows: often funny, sometimes serious, always entertaining, and uniquely John Records Landecker."



Recalled to Life on Amazon

"RECALLED TO LIFE to me is about waking up in many ways. For Peter's father this is a literal occurrence but for Peter and us it can be as simple as realizing that the life we want is not always going to go according to plan. Dan Burns reminds us of what really matters in this thoughtful yet entertaining novel, and I think you will not only resonate with the characters but see a piece of yourself in them as well."

Recalled to Life on GoodReads

Lisa White gave it five stars and wrote: "Awesome book that makes you really think about your family and short life seems sometimes. I read it in one day! I would reccomend this book to anyone!"



Chuck Quinzio's book "Life Behind the Camera" is the talk of the Chicago media community. Bill Zwecker calls it "a must read for anyone interested in learning about the world of TV journalism" and Bob Sirott says "Anyone in broadcasting will be fascinated by Chuck Quinzio's TV and radio adventures." But Life Behind the Camera only appeared on amazon in the last few days, so you can be the first to review it there.

Life Behind the Camera on Amazon

We just started up a GoodReads page for the book too. Your reveiw on GoodReads could be its first as well.

Life Behind the Camera on GoodReads


Thanks for your encouragement and support and we promise more books to come in 2014!